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How Much Does a Luxury Rehab Cost?

How Much Does a Luxury Rehab Cost?

Orange County Luxury Rehab Options at Oceans Luxury Rehab

As with most medical and psychological treatment, the cost of detox and rehab is often based upon several factors, most importantly, your insurance coverage. The cost of luxury rehabilitation, like ours at Oceans Luxury Rehab in Orange County, is no different. Along with insurance coverage, the other factors that determine cost include location, exclusivity or capacity, the offered amenities at the facility, and your individual treatment needs.

At Oceans Luxury Rehab, we accept PPO insurance, and your coverage will depend on your insurance coverage. You must factor in copays and out-of-pocket amounts that are dependent upon your plan and monthly payments and will vary from person to person. Many insurance plans will cover the cost of part of your stay if not all. The treatment cost will also be based on your specific level of care, your unique needs, and the options of care at the facility.

Call our Orange County rehab professionals at Oceans Luxury Rehab to determine how we can work with your insurance and take the first step on the road to recovery. Contact our rehab team today to get started.

What Makes Luxury Rehab More Expensive?

Luxury rehabs are more expensive than public rehab facilities for several reasons:

  • Location and facility: Luxury rehabs have opulence, beauty, and high-end décor rather than the stark and sterile décor of a traditional rehab facility. At Oceans Luxury Rehab, you can detox and recover with ocean views and luxury amenities.
  • High-end private and semi-private rooms: Luxury rehab facilities often provide a much higher level of privacy than other facilities, with private and semi-private rooms and with your security, privacy, and respect at the top of our priority list. At a luxury rehab facility, you can expect fewer patients and a higher level of secrecy while in treatment, so you don’t have to worry about the public eye.
  • Unique treatment: Holistic, comprehensive approaches to treatment at a luxury rehab may include yoga, meditation, journaling, art therapy, and more, affording each patient an outlet for emotional and mental recovery along with medical recovery.
  • Professional staff: At a luxury facility, you can expect treatment from the best substance abuse doctors, nurses, and support staff.
  • Personalized treatment: Rather than an all-encompassing traditional treatment plan that you may find at many public facilities, luxury rehabs offer a personalized, comprehensive treatment program. This may include private and group counseling, medically assisted detox, reintegration classes, and support for post-rehab life. It can also include holistic treatment modalities not available at public rehabs.
  • Detox and rehab in one place: At many luxury rehabs, you can detox and rehab at the same facility rather than having to move from one place where you detox to another for rehabilitation.

Orange County Luxury Rehab at Oceans Luxury Rehab

When you are ready for a step in the right direction and to make a change in your life, it is time to seek help from the rehab professionals at Oceans Luxury Rehab. With privacy, opulence, and comfort, our Orange County rehab is the place to go when you don’t want to leave the comforts of home behind. Whether attending intensive outpatient recovery or inpatient treatment, you can enjoy our beautiful facility and the ocean views it affords. Our team can work with PPO insurance to determine your costs and help you get started.

Call Oceans Luxury Rehab for professional detox and rehab in Orange County.