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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Orange County, California 

Luxury Rehab for Treatment of Substance Use & Mental Health Disorders

At Oceans Luxury Rehab, we specialize in dual diagnosis treatment, often referred to as “co-occurring disorders,” which frequently affect individuals in their recovery journeys. At our luxury rehab located on the shores of Orange County beaches, patients will find our comprehensive approach encompasses the treatment of both substance abuse and mental health disorders, providing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support.

Our luxury rehab rehab in Orange County

is ready to help you achieve peace and freedom of substance use while treating co-occurring disorders.

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The Benefits of Our Dual Diagnosis Program

Our Orange County dual-diagnosis program offers the following benefits: 

  • On-site licensed psychiatrist
  • On-site registered nurse
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mental health support groups
  • Various therapies, such as art therapy and yoga therapy

Our primary goal is to efficiently treat patients, recognizing that simultaneously addressing mental health and addiction disorders is imperative for long-term sobriety and overall health and wellness.

Understanding the Significance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Traditional treatment often falls short for many clients who swiftly relapse due to underlying undiagnosed mental health conditions. This can lead to the development of harmful coping mechanisms like alcohol and drug abuse. In many cases, these issues are intertwined, making it necessary to approach them with a specialized treatment plan. Our California dual diagnosis treatment team is committed to addressing both addiction and psychological concerns comprehensively.

Common Co-Occurring Disorders

Frequently, mental health disorders co-occur with drug and alcohol addiction, including conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and depression. Dual diagnoses are more common than you might think, affecting nearly 80% of cases. At Fresh Start of California, we take a comprehensive approach to address the unique needs of clients facing a dual diagnosis, prioritizing their overall health at every step.

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Why Dual Diagnosis Is Common in Recovery

Addiction often accompanies a mental health disorder as individuals turn to substances as a dysfunctional coping mechanism for their mental illness. Identifying a Dual Diagnosis

When clients enter our Orange County detox or residential treatment programs, they undergo assessments to identify the possibility of a dual diagnosis. If diagnosed, they receive specialized treatment that addresses multiple dimensions, offering a higher chance of success. While many treatment centers don’t admit dual diagnosis clients due to the complexities involved, our California addiction treatment center believes in providing ultimate care to all.

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The Cause of Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Various factors, including brain chemistry, genetics, and personality, contribute to the development of mental health and substance abuse issues. It’s common for individuals with mental health disorders to develop addictions and vice versa, leading to more severe issues down the road. Our Orange County dual diagnosis treatment team works diligently to target each client’s specific needs, addressing both issues concurrently for better results.

Additional Challenges of Dual Diagnosis

Clients with dual diagnoses often face other health issues and diseases, leading them to neglect other aspects of their health. The presence of multiple symptoms can worsen their emotional and social abilities, causing feelings of isolation. At Oceans Luxury Rehab, our dedicated team aims to provide healing through various forms of therapy and a nurturing environment founded on understanding, support, and compassion.

Near the Peacefulness of the Ocean

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We are committed to your journey and helping you obtain peace near the restoring waters of the ocean.