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Orange County Luxury Rehab

Luxury Rehab in Orange County

At Oceans Luxury Rehab, our drug and alcohol rehabilitative patients experience peace, serenity, and luxury within our top-of-the-line facility. Oceans Luxury Rehab boasts ocean views and breezes, with our facility set within the Orange County hills. We treat patients experiencing alcohol and other substance abuse along with their co-occurring disorders. Our Orange County rehab doctors, nurses, and professional staff have compassion for each individual and ensure that every patient moves through the detox and rehab process with dignity and respect.

With both inpatient and outpatient options, patients can find relief and support as they receive more than just a temporary solution, but rather long-term, comprehensive care promoting sobriety. Our inpatient rehab options involve private and semi-private rooms in our luxurious hillside facility. Both inpatient and intensive outpatient programs can enjoy the tranquility of our common areas and grounds, surrounded by the beauty of the Orange County’s ocean and views.

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Comprehensive Care at Our Orange County Rehab Facility

The Orange County rehab team at Oceans Luxury Rehab addresses the underlying causes and cooccurring disorders that can be the root cause of addiction and substance abuse. Our understanding staff considers the stress, mental illness, trauma, and physical pain of each patient while implementing a personalized treatment plan. We recognize the relationships between substance abuse and the experiences of our patients, so we treat them with emotions, mental health, and physical health in mind.

Oceans Luxury Rehab provides rehabilitative programs that address issues coming in during detox and help patients as they transition out of rehab into aftercare and life post-treatment. With holistic and traditional treatment therapies, our patients are provided with a well-rounded program that fits their needs. Combining traditional rehab programs with other forms of group and individual therapy allows our patients to find what works for them and use that to create stability and freedom in sobriety.

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PPO Insurance for Orange County Rehab

Oceans Luxury Rehab understands the stress that can be involved in determining how to pay for rehab. Because of this, we accept all forms of PPO insurance for our treatment program. We want to be available to those who need us, working with patients to determine coverage and payment options.
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Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Programs at Ocean Luxury Rehab

At Oceans Luxury Rehab, we provide detox and rehabilitation for a variety of substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Ambien
  • Cocaine
  • Fentanyl
  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycontin
  • Opioids

Luxury Alcohol Addiction Recovery with Ocean Views Your Orange County Luxury Rehab: Oceans Luxury Rehab

The Orange County rehab professionals at Oceans Luxury Rehab provide all the comforts of home, from detox to rehab completion, we are here to make your journey to sobriety one you can be proud of. We understand that every patient has individual needs, experiences, and traumas that uniquely shape their rehab process. Let our team of nurses, counselors, and on-staff doctor help you regain stability and dignity as you come out of your addiction and into sobriety.

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