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Orange County Luxury Cocaine Detox

Luxury Cocaine Detox in
Orange County

At our luxury Orange County detox facility, you can move through cocaine detox in comfort, with dignity and respect. Our professional, experienced detox staff, nurses, and on-staff doctors can provide round-the-clock supervision and assist with reducing withdrawal symptoms. At a luxury facility like Oceans Luxury Rehab, and under our medical care, you have a chance to get through one of the hardest parts of fighting addiction.
at Oceans Luxury Rehab help you be successful in your rehabilitation with medically supervised and assisted detox.
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Cocaine Effects, Abuse, and Addiction

Cocaine is a stimulant drug with a high potential for abuse and addiction. Although the euphoric and stimulant effects of cocaine are not long-lasting, the desire to reach the same effect begins almost immediately, leading to the desire for more and more. With repeated use, physiological dependence and associated withdrawal when ceasing use can occur.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms will vary depending upon the duration of use of the drug, age, amount of cocaine used, route of administration, and usage of other substances.

Withdrawal symptoms when detoxing from cocaine may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Lack of concentration
  • Sleep disturbances or disruption
  • Fatigue
  • Cravings
  • Paranoia
  • Increased appetite
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Timeline of Cocaine Detox and Withdrawal

Cocaine withdrawal timelines vary depending on the same factors that apply to withdrawal symptoms, with duration and extent of usage amounts playing a large part in the length of time.

1-3 Hours: Irritability, anxiety, exhaustion, extreme hunger

1-7 days: Severe cravings, sleep disruption, nightmares, mood swings, depression

2-4 weeks: Severe cravings, depression, difficulty concentrating, agitation, irritability

5-10 weeks: Most symptoms subside starting at the 5th week, but some patients continue to experience anxiety and cravings.

Luxury Medically Supervised Cocaine Detox in Orange County

Under the care and counsel of our experienced medical team at Oceans Luxury Rehab, you can make it through cocaine detox and into rehabilitation without worry. Our luxury Orange County rehab facility offers comprehensive treatment and gorgeous, opulent lodgings. Detox can be easier when you have the comforts of home, medical supervision, and care and are treated with respect and privacy. Trust the Orange County cocaine detox professionals at Oceans Luxury Rehab to give you the chance at rehabilitative success. We are here to help you work through the withdrawals associated with your addiction and into the rehab process smoothly and comfortably.

o speak with our Orange County cocaine detox professionals today. We are here to answer your call 24/7.