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The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment at a Luxury Inpatient Rehab

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment at a Luxury Inpatient Rehab

Why Choose Inpatient Treatment at a Luxury Rehab Facility in Orange County

Inpatient rehab, also called residential treatment, is drug or alcohol treatment where the patient lives full-time at the facility. This kind of treatment is appropriate for severe addiction, co-occurring disorders, and when 24/7 care is necessary. There are multiple benefits to attending inpatient treatment in a luxury rehab facility. From higher success rates to increased treatment modalities, choosing inpatient treatment at a luxury rehab like Oceans Luxury Rehab is a good choice.

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5 Benefits of Luxury Inpatient Treatment

  1. Inpatient detox: Detoxing and withdrawing can be stressful, uncomfortable, and painful and can include symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, tremors, and flu-like symptoms. Experiencing these in a sterile medical environment may be discouraging for some patients. It typically has to be completed before entering a traditional rehab facility. At a luxury rehab facility, you can detox at the same place you will be attending rehab, with high-quality care and 24/7 monitoring by professional medical staff.
  2. Success rate: Inpatient rehab provides a preventative measure for patients to avoid leaving the rehab facility and gaining access to their substance of choice, paraphernalia that triggers relapse, and the circumstances that keep patients from recovery. It also creates an environment that supports aftercare, providing classes and connections for post-rehab life. A total immersion luxury inpatient rehab helps to prevent relapse through treatments and alternative medicine that support recovery from both substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders. It provides the tools to move through life better equipped to face the struggles that trigger substance abuse. Luxury inpatient rehab offers higher success rooted in a comfortable, relaxing environment.
  3. Accommodations: Luxury inpatient rehab facilities provide resort-like accommodations, with private and semi-private lodgings, unlike the dorm-like rooms at public rehab facilities. Many common areas are more comfortable, with opulent décor and additional amenities: a yoga studio, art class, gyms, gourmet kitchen, and more. The location of luxury rehab facilities is often secluded, with beautiful views, landscaped grounds, and privacy.
  4. Daily life: Unlike outpatient treatment, your days at inpatient treatment are spent focused on recovery. Residential treatment allows patients to move through recovery without distractions. It provides access to nurses, doctors, psychologists, and staff throughout the day rather than at limited times scheduled during your outpatient program.
  5. Staff-to-patient ratio: The lower staff-to-patient ratio at a luxury inpatient rehab makes it easier for staff to provide well-rounded, personalized treatment and undivided care. With fewer patients, the nurses, counselors, and other staff can get to know patients better and provide the care they need.

Choose Oceans Luxury Rehab for Your Orange County Luxury Inpatient Treatment

When you are ready to make a change for the better and don’t want to forgo the comfort and luxury of home, choose Oceans Luxury Rehab for inpatient treatment. You can recover from substance abuse with respect, dignity, and privacy at our luxury rehab facility set in the hills of Orange County. With ocean views and beautiful private and semi-private rooms, you can find peace of mind and the strength to reenter your daily life equipped with the tools for sobriety.

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