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What to Expect During Luxury Alcohol Rehab

What to Expect During Luxury Alcohol Rehab

The Detox and Treatment Experience at a Luxury Orange County Alcohol Rehab

When your substance of choice is alcohol, the process of detoxing and treatment is slightly different than with other substances. The detox and withdrawal process from alcohol can be especially difficult and dangerous and should always be done under medical care. When you choose a luxury alcohol rehab, you will be under the best care of doctors and nurses extensively trained and experienced in treating the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Once you complete detox, you can move immediately into treatment with all the comfort and luxury these facilities provide.

At Oceans Luxury Rehab, we understand the importance of providing exemplary medical attention and care during this precarious stage in your recovery. On the grounds of our Orange County luxury alcohol rehab facility, you can detox in comfort and privacy, with staff, nurses, and our available doctor there to care for you. With private and semi-private lodgings at our luxury facility and the care of our team, you are set up for treatment to be successful.

Call the Orange County luxury alcohol rehab team at Oceans Luxury Rehab now to begin your journey to recovery.

Intake and Detox at a Luxury Rehab Facility

Your recovery begins the moment you check into rehab. During intake, you will meet with our administrative team to fill out paperwork and review insurance coverage and any administrative forms that need to be signed. We will speak with you about your alcohol misuse and abuse and document your information in preparation for detoxing.

As part of your intake process, you will receive a psychiatric and medical evaluation, and a member of the nursing staff will take your vitals, do a drug screening, and record your history of substance abuse and any previous rehab treatments.

As you enter the detox phase of recovery, you can have confidence that you will be monitored closely by our on-staff doctor, nurses, and medical team, with 24/7 care and supervision through your withdrawal process. Medical detox like that at a luxury facility offers patients the advantage of medications administered to prevent complications and mediate withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox is crucial during alcohol withdrawal and is the most impactful part of alcohol abuse treatment.

Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitative Treatment at a Luxury Facility

Once you have completed detox and are medically stable, you will move into the treatment phase of recovery. On your first day of treatment, you can expect to have a full tour of the facility, meet the medical and facility staff, and get a lot of rest. Your coming days and weeks will be spent in group and individual therapy.

Individual therapy will entail setting recovery goals, addressing co-occurring disorders, and working through experiences and subsequent triggers for substance use and dependence. This part of treatment may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychiatric treatment, and counseling.

Group therapy allows patients to discuss feelings and experiences with peers, helping patients to discuss behaviors, beliefs, and thought patterns that contribute to addiction. Group therapy at a luxury alcohol rehab may also include alternative, holistic treatments like yoga, meditation, art and music therapy, and physical fitness. During these types of healing classes, patients learn alternatives to substance use, healthy outlets, and tools for after-treatment.

Group therapy is more intimate at a luxury facility, fostering deeper connections and providing an environment for growth and camaraderie. The friendships formed during treatment are often lifelong, providing ongoing support after treatment.

Orange County Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Recovery from alcohol abuse and misuse at a luxury facility allows you to move through the detox process without fear and into treatment prepared to succeed. With excellent medical staff, expert counselors, and our team of recovery professionals, you will receive the guidance you need to move happily into a life of sobriety.

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