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Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a Luxury Rehab

Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a Luxury Rehab

Orange County Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Oceans Luxury Rehab

Dual diagnosis is a term that describes having a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder simultaneously. It may also be called co-occurring disorders or co-morbidity. Mental health disorders that may exist alongside substance abuse may include anxiety, depression, bipolar, or other diagnosis of mental health issues.

Adding substance abuse to an existing mental health disorder can make the effects of either disorder escalate or worsen, creating a vicious cycle. When substances are introduced into the system where a mental health disorder is already present, it is not uncommon for mental health to decline, making dual diagnosis treatment even more critical.

At Oceans Luxury Rehab, our Orange County dual diagnosis experts can help you fight substance abuse and addiction while treating your co-occurring mental health disorder. We can give you the tools to leave drug and alcohol treatment better prepared to handle your mental health disorder properly and find success in sobriety.

Call Oceans Luxury Rehab and speak with our Orange County dual diagnosis treatment professionals today. Don’t wait; your journey to sobriety starts with one call.

How Dual-Diagnosed Disorders Work Against Each Other

Mental health disorders may contribute to substance use disorder. Many times, a patient with untreated mental health disorders will turn to self-medication, especially if they are predisposed to substance abuse issues. Although a substance may temporarily mask or lessen symptoms, it can cause mental health issues to worsen over time.

Adversely, alcohol or drug addiction can create lasting changes in brain chemistry, structure, and function, affecting the status of a mental health disorder or even triggering a mental health crisis.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a Luxury Rehab

Treatment for dual-diagnosis patients at a luxury rehab facility will involve treatment for your mental health condition and your substance use disorder. Healthcare providers at a luxury rehab center will help you understand how the disorders affect each other while offering treatments that will address not only substance use but also mental health issues.

Dual diagnosis therapies may include:

  • Medication, when applicable and appropriate
  • Behavioral therapies including cognitive behavior therapy and/or dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Support groups and group counseling
  • Holistic treatments: patient education, post-rehab integration classes, mood/emotional management, yoga, meditation, art therapy

Find Success with Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Orange County

Dual diagnosis treatment is successful because it involves parallel treatment, allowing patients to find relief from the mental health issues that may be the root of their substance use disorder while fighting substance use itself. It is an encouraging, comprehensive approach to treatment that offers patients coping strategies that will carry them through rehab and beyond.

The Orange County dual diagnosis treatment professionals at Oceans Luxury Rehab are here to help you with substance abuse recovery and provide the tools to carry you into a sober future. Call our Orange County drug and alcohol rehab experts at Oceans Luxury Rehab today and get started!