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Detox and Rehab Process in a Luxury Rehab

Detox and Rehab Process in a Luxury Rehab

What to Expect During Detox and Recovery in a Luxury Orange County Rehab

When you decide to change the direction of your life, the first thing you may consider is an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Deciding to go to a luxury rehab facility may offer you the convenience and care of going through detox and rehab at the same place, providing much-needed ease of transition, comfort, and peace of mind. Oceans Luxury Rehab in Orange County offers detox and rehabilitation in one beautiful setting, prioritizing your care and comfort amid ocean views.

If you are ready to find freedom from addiction, call the Orange County rehab professionals at Oceans Luxury Rehab. We are here to help you recover in comfort with all the luxuries of home.

The Detox Process in a Luxury Facility

Your recovery process begins the moment you check into your luxury rehab center. At the time of check-in, you can expect to go through an intake interview so that the rehab team can get to know you and the substances and behaviors that you are struggling with.

Following intake, you begin the first step of recovery: detox. At a luxury facility, your detox will include supportive and medical care that helps you move through the detox and withdrawal process with as little discomfort as possible. Medically assisted detox assists you as the substances leave your body, typically taking approximately 5-7 days. Our doctor, nurses, and support staff will work to mediate your symptoms.

Symptoms of withdrawal may include:

  • Aches & Pains
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills
  • Cold symptoms
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Shaking
  • Sweating

At Oceans Luxury Rehab, you can go through the detox process with dignity, privacy, and comfort that carries you into your rehab and recovery phase.

The Rehabilitation Process in a Luxury Rehab

After you have completed your substance detox process, you will enter the recovery and rehabilitation phase of your rehab. You can expect a fairly structured program during the rehab process that may include:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment modalities
  • Educational sessions
  • Group therapy/counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Post-rehab and reintegration therapies

At a luxury facility like our Orange County rehab center, you can also participate in alternative therapies: journaling, meditation, nutrition, and physical activities that promote mind, body, and soul recovery.

Comfort, Care, and Discretion at Our Orange County Luxury Rehab Facility

One thing many patients look for in a luxury rehab is privacy. The comfort and discretion offered at Oceans Luxury Rehab give you the peace of mind that no matter where you are in the recovery process, you will be supported with respect and care. We can guide you through the detox and rehab process in one place so you can get comfortable in one of our private or semi-private rooms.

Don’t worry about changing facilities, meeting different care providers, or disruptions in your recovery. Explore the benefits of detox and rehab at Oceans Luxury Rehab in Orange County and start your recovery journey today.

Call Oceans Luxury Rehab in Orange County now to get started!