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The Importance of Inpatient Detox for OxyContin

Detoxing for OxyContin Addiction Recovery

The path to recovery can be overwhelming, especially when faced with having to detox from the substances you’re addicted to, such as prescription opioids. This path can be made even more difficult – and potentially dangerous – if you’re facing detoxing from something like OxyContin, but don’t have the resources or knowledge to do so safely and effectively. 

If not done correctly, improper detoxing can lead to further substance abuse and potentially fatal health complications. The safest and most effective method of detoxing from a substance is through an inpatient detoxification program, where medical professionals can supervise and attend to any issues or complications that may arise and where you’ll be less likely to relapse and fall into previous addictive behaviors.

When you’re seeking help for an addiction, it’s important to find the right treatment plan for you. Most programs are designed for mass rehabilitation without any focus on special circumstances. At Ocean’s Luxury Rehab, our treatment programs are designed and adjusted on an individual level – which means your needs will be met and attended to in a personal and familiar way. When it’s time to detox from your addiction to OxyContin, Ocean’s Luxury Rehab is here to help.

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Detoxing from OxyContin

OxyContin is an opioid pain reliever, often prescribed to treat serious injuries, severe pain, and complications of chronic illnesses. OxyContin is also incredibly potent and has serious addictive properties. Not only does OxyContin have chemically addictive properties, it has physical ones too; this means that people become physically addicted to the drug, causing their bodies to require OxyContin to feel “normal.”

Detoxing from OxyContin is typically a 10–14-day process due to the way the drug “latches on” to your system and interacts with your brain and body. During this timeframe, no OxyContin must be taken as the detoxification process not only resets but actively gets worse with each use. The more addicted to OxyContin a person is, the longer it will take their body and brain chemistry to reset and the longer it will take for the detox process to succeed. This oversight is a big reason why it is so important to utilize an inpatient program when detoxing from OxyContin.

Why Inpatient Programs Are So Important

Beyond being able to monitor and prevent someone from using OxyContin while detoxing, inpatient recovery programs provide a high level of medical security for those in need. Due to the physical and psychological dependence created by OxyContin addiction, intense withdrawal symptoms can occur in patients. These symptoms include vomiting, fever, nausea, chills, and in serious cases, seizures and even death.

Inpatient recovery programs also mean that patients can receive around-the-clock support from medical professionals, including therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians. Complications of detoxing can be addressed promptly, and the ability to talk about the program, addiction, or life in general means that patients have an outlet and a chance to feel safe during their recovery journey. Having access to resources and medical support can make the difference between a story of successful sobriety and a story of continued addiction.

Orange County Luxury Oxycontin Detox

Detoxing from the substances you’re addicted to is a crucial first step in the path to recovery. However, because each person’s path and history are different from the next, there is no “set” way to guarantee your success. That’s where Ocean’s Luxury Rehab can help create a personalized plan – tailored to both your past and your goals for the future – you can take comfort in the fact that our trusted team of specialists makes your success our mission. The amenities and care that Ocean’s Luxury Rehab provides mean that you will start your path to recovery in a luxurious and comfortable environment, suited to your needs, and most importantly, your journey to sobriety.

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